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Facebook Helpful or Harmful?

The presence of a social networking website so attract the attention of many people, especially young people. Friendster is a popular after his predecessor, now a web site presence up more interesting and become a trend today. Various features of the Facebook has a lot of help to find old friends, to market the product or means of communication. However, the negative impact resulting from this site no less menyeramkannya. Children under the age ran away from home after meeting with someone via Facebook. In fact, they are forbidden to have sex at her age. As parents, how you can overcome the negative impact Facebook and other social networking websites?


Facebook the existing trend in society is strong enough, make a lot of fans who end up buying a smartphone in order to be able to continue to access and memperbahurui status. Facebook is interesting, as a mini blog, Facebook allows its members to write the status on the wall, what is felt or what he was experiencing, then other members can provide comments that make it more exciting.

Website Facebook allows you to receive a friend request from a close friend, school friends, relatives and even your old friends. People you do not know before, they can invite friends via Facebook. Or you can also insert a picture and mark the people who exist in the image, so that people can see the photo marked. You can also enter a schedule of events and inviting others via Facebook. Another feature is that you can chat or talk with other members who are your friends when you were online simultaneously.

Indeed, many interesting features that you can get through Facebook. Very often people use the media Facebook to promote their products because of the many members of Facebook. But like a knife can be used to cut food to be cooked and can also for a crime, then Facebook also has a negative side if misused. What are the negative impacts Facebook?

Negative effects Facebook
Update your status, upload photos, chat or look at the walls of others can be very exciting and make sure time. That is what is often perceived by members of Facebook. So, do not forget the time necessary for good discipline. For your children, set rules for how long they can access the Internet so it does not run out of time for rest, study or doing other activities.

For couples who are married, use Facebook to cause a rift in their relationship. When you see the words sent by a romantic opposite sex from your husband or wife may be able to cause an argument. Or with Facebook, communication with the opposite sex can be very intimate, making you often tell your problems to him can make in the end you're interested in people, not the couple themselves.

Include complete biographical data, even phone numbers or home addresses to lure people who are not responsible. This is because if not specifically, everyone can read this information. And if this information is used by people who intend evil, then it can easily be done. Protect your privacy while feeling confident that the site has been completely safe. Distribute your information only to people who really you know. Ignore the invitation of friends if you are suspicious of the person's membership on Facebook. Even if you have got a threat or act less fun than anyone else on Facebook, you can report the person to the manager Facebook.

Many people compete to want to have as many friends as possible on Facebook. Always check who you invite friends and who invites you to be his friend. Because it could be your only friends with people who intend evil or to send spam on your wall.

A variety of interesting applications are also available on Facebook. But some of these applications can contain viruses or malicious applications. If there is an invitation to use a particular application, and you're not sure then just ignore the invitation. You can ask other people or your friends who already use these applications to ask for recommendations.

Importance of Monitoring Your Child

When adults are able to be infatuated with Facebook, especially teenagers who are at times happy to get acquainted and wanted to show his true identity. Facebook has become a virtual as a container of friends who liked them. Lack of experience of the teens make them often become easy targets of criminals, especially sexual predators and pedophiles.

Various news in the newspaper showed that many children who leave home due to meet with someone and possibly feel love with new friends. In fact, it is not certain who the person is, given the virtual world, someone can just cover up the true identity. It may be that the person is admitted as a young single people or disguised as a good kid. When your child to leave home to meet people like that, certainly can cause harm to your own child and brought grief to the family.

So, how as parents can safeguard and protect children from bad influences Facebook? You can try to do the following things in order to keep control of your child's Internet activity either via a PC or laptop as well as through HP.

Attempting to learn about the Internet
Maybe for parents who do not understand about the Internet technology, learn it is a challenge. However, in order to monitor your child, at least you should understand about the Internet. Learn about how to use email, chat or have a Facebook account. By knowing it, you can also teach your child this tenatang. Even you can become Facebook friends with your child, so that could well be done to monitor any updates on your child Facebook. It is never too late to learn the technology. In fact, many are also members of Facebook is the elderly!

Inform about the dangers that lurk in the use of Internet
Remind your child that while interesting, they should be aware of the dangers the Internet. One way is to remind them not to tell the complete personal data to the new people and do not include them in a personal profile.

Naturally socialize in cyberspace
Tell your child not to accept everyone who wants to be friends in social networking sites like Facebook. It is not necessary to have a lot of friends in cyberspace. Because if any stranger be accepted as a friend, a stranger can be more easily access the profile and range of information your child. Do also are too familiar with friends on the Internet or even a serious relationship only because of interest in his face, his skills or anything else that is not necessarily true. Having friends in the real world is much more secure than friends with people who may be hiding his true identity in cyberspace.

Do not allow your children access the Internet without direct observation

Leaving computer with Internet access in rooms is a big mistake that might be a parent. Children who do not understand fully about the dangers of the Internet, to secretly access the Internet without your knowledge. In the bedroom, children can freely access the Internet without being noticed. To reduce this effect, the computer should be put in place with a lot of people passing by, for example in the family room.

Facebook as social networking web sites can indeed be useful to all users. If used correctly, you can enjoy the many positive and beneficial friendship. But do not relax your vigilance, because behind many benefits, if misused it up could be a danger of destroying your family. Always use Facebook wisely.

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Kamis, 13 Januari 2011

Ethical Use of Mobile Phone

A passenger train drivers to send SMS and 22 seconds later the train collided with a freight train. As a result 25 people were killed including the driver and many are injured. These events actually happened in the United States on September 12, 2008. The results of this investigation showed the accident due to driver texting just before the accident. The driver could not brake the train. The use of mobile phones with no right can cause many problems. Therefore, how to use a mobile phone or cell phone etiquette?

Using Mobile Gratuitous Can Dangerous

Many cases of traffic accidents that occur because of someone using a cell phone or mobile phone when driving a vehicle. The concentration will be reduced when a person driving a vehicle while on the phone, especially when in high speed. That is why in many countries, the use of wireless phones while driving is prohibited and may be subject to criminal sanctions.

In Indonesia itself began to be socialized in the Traffic Act is the Act No. 22 of 2009 on Traffic. Inside are articles relating to the use of mobile phones, namely Article 106 paragraph 1 that "Every rider must run the vehicle with the concentration." The use of mobile phones can interfere with concentration and a factor in traffic accidents. That's why cell phone use while driving a vehicle may include a violation of the Act. Even according to research, motorists who talk on cell phones in the same vehicle lengahnya with people who are drunk.

In addition, the use of mobile phones in aircraft is also considered dangerous. The manual lists a variety of mobile devices instructions to turn off your mobile device on the plane because it can cause interference to aircraft navigation devices. In ITE Law Article 33 also lists a similar ban, which reads "Any person who knowingly and without authority or unlawfully take any action resulting disruption of the Electronic Systems and / or result in Electronic Systems to be not working properly."

Indiscriminate use of mobile phones can also cause various other problems. For example record that is not obscene scenes with camera phones and even send it to others. Then the image is easily sent back to others so that spread rapidly.

Ethics when using mobile phone

Phone or HP as a telecommunications device certainly has many benefits. This technology allows us to communicate with ease. In addition, today's mobile phones, such as smartphones have had many useful features. So the use mobile phone properly will have many positive benefits.

However, given the many negative impacts that can be caused by the use of cell phones, then how to avoid these effects while using a mobile phone? Here are some questions and practical suggestions that may apply when you use the phone.

When is the time to avoid using the phone?
If you talk with using mobile phones can interfere with other people-for example, in places of worship, movie theaters, classrooms, concert halls, and others-then avoid using mobile phones in places like that. You also can set your phone to silent mode so as not to disturb anyone. Even if necessary, just turn off your cell phone.

Is it necessary to speak loudly on the phone?
Avoid talking with the phone in a voice too loud, especially if you're in a public place (public area). This will attract the attention of the people on you and can cause problems for some people. In addition, the microphones in mobile phones capable of capturing even a soft voice, so no need to shout or speak loudly when using your mobile phone.

Private conversation on the phone, Shall?
Do not discuss personal terms with the use of mobile phones in places that no one else, for example when in a conference room, work space that is shared, or even in public places like on the bus, train, bus stops, and others. If you need to finish the conversation, talk briefly and call back as soon as you exit the room and continue the conversation was private.

Speaking of close personal affairs of others
If you're talking with a cell phone, keep a minimum distance of 3 meters with others so as not to hear your conversation. If you stand or be near other people, will make other people would not want to listen to your personal affairs.

Receiving a phone call while talking with other people
Avoid disturbing phone conversation is being done. Generally, when the phone rang, someone will say: "Sorry, I received a phone first." This lack of ethics and show respect for the other person who was dealing directly with you. However, in special cases, receive a phone call while talking with others can be done if absolutely necessary to receive a phone call. The same thing applies when you are typing an SMS. Avoid typing SMS while talking with others.

How much danger received a phone call or sending an SMS while driving?

Do not use the phone to talk while driving a vehicle let alone typing and sending an SMS. This is very dangerous. Because when you talk on the phone, you are equal lengahnya with a drunk. Especially if you're typing an SMS, then the level of vigilance you will be much reduced. The principle is the focus driving your vehicle while driving past a focus called when not driving.

Why must focus on the person you're talking on the phone?
When you are being the focus of talk using telecommunication devices like mobile phones, do that gives focus to the other person talks. Communication via phone done verbally rather than visually, so it needs your full attention when the other person to speak to avoid misunderstandings.

When is time to turn off the phone?
Turn off your cell phone while doing job interviews, presentations, meetings with directors, and several other places that require quiet and serene atmosphere. The use of mobile phones in aircraft is also prohibited to avoid disturbing the aircraft navigation devices. Use your observation, if you are in a situation that demands to turn off your cell phone.

Better Where: Phone or SMS?
If you are in a state of emergency or situation requiring rapid response, avoid using SMS to contact other people. Call as soon as possible, because the telephone conversation is more effective than sending text messages.

Taking photos with mobile phones, how the rules?
Do not take a picture or photograph another person with your phone without permission, because it is not polite and can make the person embarrassed.

Receive indecent pictures, what to do?
If you receive an obscene picture of someone else in your phone, do not go ahead and deploy the image to your colleagues the other.

Mobile phone or cell phone has become a telecommunications device that is very helpful. But do not use your cell phone with reckless that causes an accident or a nuisance to others. Use your mobile phone appropriately and with good ethics.

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Rabu, 12 Januari 2011

Shown Casual with Jeans

Denim or jeans are often used as material for the pants and has been known since the 18th century. Jeans is never outdated and is still a favorite of many people. Not only on campus, jeans are also often used employees to work when allowed to wear casual. You may be one of his lovers jeans and often use them in everyday life. To still look fashionable, the choice of models to suit body shape is very important.

Origin Jeans

At the start of production, in 1873, Levi Strauss made denim pants (or people often refer to jeans) as pants for plantation workers. Since work on the trees and bushes, trousers worn by workers are often torn. For this reason, Levi S make pants from a thicker material for pants is not easily torn.

Material that is now known as jeans that begins with the Levis brand. Then a few brands of jeans began to appear like the early days of Lee and Wrangler.

Own jeans became popular among the young in the 1950s. We have various brands and jeans material. In addition, a variety of denim colors are also available, from classic blue color known as blue jeans, to the other colors like black, brown and even white.

Jeans itself comes from the city of Genoa in Italy in which cotton cloth was made. Genoa or often spelled become "jene" in Middle English. While writing in the Indonesian language that is true jeans.

Model Jeans Pants

Wearing blue jeans, making the wearer look casual. Various models of jeans you can choose to accompany your performance. Choice of an appropriate model will make you look attractive. Model what is and is right for your body?

Straight Cut Jeans
Is a straight-cut jeans on the legs. Underwear model is perfect for users who lack a high because this model will make legs look longer, so you'll look taller. Underwear model can also suggest to you that have the slim little body fat.

Skinny Jeans
Jeans model tight-cut and has narrowed to ankle. It is one of the preferred model for women. For you who can choose the model petite skinny pants as an option because it can make the body look more filled. However, if you have big hips should not wear skinny jeans model because it makes your hips look bigger.

Boot Cut Jeans
Discount jeans this model intersect slightly widened at the bottom. The model that fits all body shapes and will create a grooved body at the waist and hips.

Classic Cut Jeans
Commonly known as baggy pants. Underwear model has a high cut at the waist and loose in the thighs but small in the foot. Because members of the impression, the model is suitable for your pants are petite.

Flare Jeans
Having a certain flare pants have a characteristic width on the bottom and cut loose. Can be an option for users was thin. But since the width at the bottom, this model becomes less suitable for the user who was not high enough because it can draw attention to the foot and make legs look short.

Jeans: Do & Do not

There are some things you should consider when choosing to wear jeans. Consider the purpose and the situation when you are wearing jeans.

DO : Use when the first casual jeans or casual events. Or if you're in harsh environments or winter, jeans suitable for use.

Some companies also allow employees to wear casual, including jeans. And the jeans can be worn also to work if this type of clothing is allowed.

DO NOT : Do not use jeans at a formal event. Avoid using the jeans if you're meeting people whose position is higher. And do not use the jeans during a job interview.

In fact, according to a survey, teachers or lecturers who wore jeans are considered to provide a pleasant atmosphere in class, but less respected opinions and he is most often regarded as a teacher who does not know anything.

Now, after learning about the jeans and jeans model, you're ready to look fashionable by wearing jeans, which until now has always been a popular choice.

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Why build anything using bricks?

As a composer wall, the use of brick has been known since long. Although, today many substitute materials to create walls, but some people who still prefer bricks when building houses. Brick has several advantages that until now still used. Let's see more of the legendary brick which is also the reason why many people like it.

Raw Materials Bricks

The raw material is a clay brick or clay that has been cleared of pebbles and other stones. This land is mostly found around us. That's one of the causes, brick easily obtained. Occasionally, we see the brick color and different levels of hardness. This difference is caused by differences in soil materials used as well as differences in combustion techniques are applied.

Types of Bricks

In general, there are 2 kinds of bricks, namely:

Conventional brick
These bricks are made in the traditional way and using simple tools. Clay or loam soil that has been cleaned, given a little water and then molded into shape boxes. Brick mold is usually made of wood which simply made into a box.

The dough that has been printed, issued and dried in the sun to dry. The bricks are dried and then prepared resemble tall buildings and then burned in the time period long enough for about 1 day to stone looks charred. Flame temperature during combustion can reach 1000 degrees Celsius. In the combustion of ordinary bricks using grass or chaff that will make the bricks have the tiny holes like the pores.

One characteristic of conventional bricks is a form that is not always the same, no neat and coarse textured. This can be understood as a conventional brick-making using simple tools and more major human resources in the making.

Pressed brick
Making bricks is using the help of machines. The result is a brick that has a smooth texture, have the same size and look more presentable.

Why Brick?

Selecting brick as a material for walls is quite reasonable. This is because the bricks have the advantage, among them:

Clay brick is the main ingredient is easily available and quite a lot of stock in our country. This causes the price is quite cheap bricks.

Easily obtained
In addition to its raw materials are easily obtainable. The bricks are also easy to make, requiring only simple tools and a small capital so that many people who can make it. Inventories bricks became easy to obtain.

Unique colors
The orange color become typical cirri bricks into his own appeal. Homeowners sometimes do not accidentally close the bricks with cement and paint, otherwise the bricks are left exposed so that gives an impression of nature at home.

Brick is resistant to hot weather, humid weather and air dingan. This is expected to be given as one of the protective walls of the house.

Good heat repellent
Because it is able to resist heat, brick is suitable to be used as walls of the house. The bricks are able to make in the house felt cold despite the hot weather outside the house.

The bricks have been part of most houses in Indonesia. With many advantages, not surprisingly, unique colored bricks that still survive to become part of our house.

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Senin, 10 Januari 2011

Overcoming Pain and Dental cavities

Dental cavities are not caused by worms such as the opinion of those in ancient times. This theory lasted until the 1700s until Willoughby Miller an American dentist who works at the University of Berlin found the cause of tooth decay. He found that cavities are caused by the meeting between the bacteria and sugar. Bacteria will convert sugar from food scraps to acid which causes tooth to become acidic environment (natural environment teeth should be alkaline) and acid is what ultimately makes a small hole on tooth enamel.

When a hole occurs on tooth enamel, we have not felt a toothache. However, a small hole next to the email can be a gap remaining food and the bacteria will make the hole bigger the punch dentin. At this time we will feel the pains in the teeth while eating. If allowed, the hole will come to the hole so that our nerves will start to feel a toothache. This process will not stop until the teeth eventually become exhausted and the only remaining tooth root.

Toothache can not be underestimated as some people, because if ignored, can make the teeth becomes swollen and inflamed. In addition, cavities can be a means of entrance channel to channel blood disease germs that can cause kidney disease, lung, heart and other diseases.

For not getting worse, so if you have cavities you should immediately visit your dentist to treat it. Although many people do not like going to the dentist with a reason not care about the state of teeth, expensive worried, afraid or ashamed of being ridiculed because of damaged teeth, but go to the dentist is the best solution to deal with a toothache. Cavities can not heal by itself. Although, possibly after suffering a toothache, the pain may disappear but do not improve the situation of teeth. Teeth will remain hollow, the hole will keep growing even bigger.

Teeth and Dental patching Disconnect
The measures will generally be taken dentist is mending a broken tooth, if the hole is not too big. But if we feel the pain of teeth, the fillings can not be directly carried out, because then the gas in the tooth can not get out. The doctor will give you painkillers or will turn off the tooth nerve so that we are not tormented with the pain. On the next visit before the teeth will be cleaned and patched temporarily, permanently filling done on my next visit again.

If the hole is too large and not allowed to be patched, it means that the teeth should be revoked. Just as the process of filling a tooth, the tooth could not be immediately revoked when the teeth still hurt. It is caused when we feel a toothache, then the anesthesia drugs (drug resistant so as not to feel pain when the teeth removed) can not penetrate the roots of teeth, so that when removed will cause tremendous pain. The process of tooth extraction can only be done when a tooth is not painful and to relieve pain doctors will kill the tooth nerve.

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