Selasa, 28 Juli 2009

Global crisis men's lifestyle change

Forget about the car cool or sexy women. Financial crisis appears to have been the main priority of many men. Now more men prioritize stability and security in work and home. It was revealed in a survey conducted, recently.

Lifestyle survey conducted AskMen involved about 50,000 men, aged 20s, 30s, and 40s who asked about the impact of the crisis on their lives. Result, the men focused on security work and home so that they seemed to return to traditional values.

"It seems men are not affected by the global crisis, but actually change their habits dramatically to anticipate the loss of employment or career changes, save more, and want more stability in their work," said James Bassil, editor in chief, as quoted Reuters.

The man said stability and security are factors drawer for new jobs, while the salary is no longer to be the most important factor. Years ago, 21 percent of respondents said salary was the main consideration for the job, but this year only 14 percent who said it.

Bassil said the shift in opinion on the work this way is also seen in the perspective of a relationship. Surveys show 84 percent of men want a girlfriend with the "potential to become a wife" and increased trust in the marriage bond.

The survey also shows 84 percent of men have at least four pairs of shoes, 20 percent have at least four two-piece suit, and 50 percent claim to use skin care products daily. Some 75 percent of men spend time in front of computer monitors. E-mail service began replacing the phone functions, but many men use Facebook rather than e-mail. But Twitter, the service mikroblog popular at this time is not used too often. Terbukti 87 percent of respondents claim to not use the service Twitter.

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Man Utd ticket refund with the Indonesian All Stars

Local organizing committee (LOC) Tour 2009 Manchester United states mechanism replacement tickets will be announced next Tuesday. Media Field LOC Tubagus Adhi Priyatna affirm, in principle, the committee will be responsible for full return ticket that was purchased prospective audience.

"Soal mechanism ticket refund process will be announced through the news-letter on Tuesday," said Adhi in Jakarta, Saturday (18 / 7). He said, the committee has conducted a meeting at the residence of Agum Gumelar. "I refund mechanism we are godok. There are several formulations that will be done. But, it will be announced through the media," he said.

Government is still hope to bring Wayne Rooney to cs Jakarta. "At the moment we are still lobbying the management MU," he said. He also revealed, explanation on the matter of delay in the return ticket to the prospective audience, because the government is still surprised with the incident.

Refunds Manchester United tickets for the match with the All Star Indonesia conducted starting July 22 until August 5 to come. Place in the Secretariat of the Local Organizing Comittee (LOC) in the Door I, Senayan, South Jakarta. But, for those who previously purchased tickets directly. They are expected to take files that are relevant, such as proof of payment.

According to Executive Committee members Joko Driyono, Tuesday (21 / 7), they make a purchase online, LOC will create a special website for it. This activity will begin on 5 August to come. For those who buy through the company each, there will be further announcements.

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