Selasa, 13 Januari 2009

10 Tips Finding and Maintaining Relationships

1. Do not fall in love with someone who has strong potentials. Too many men and women who choose a friend or stay in a relationship with the hope that others will change.

Be honest and be yourself and ask: "Can I love this person with the actual way in which they are now without hope for change?" if not, find another.

2. Do not worry about lust. In the sense that in a hurry, people having sexual relations will create a false intimacy, which would lead to disappointment.

Take time to create a genuine emotional connection and let the full sexual excitement grew.

3. Do not ignore the desperation to have a relationship. For example, if he makes a statement like "I do not properly carry out the commitment," Trust him.

Ask yourself, "Is this person emotionally and willing situsioanal?" (People tend to spend time on hobbies and new partner).

4. Do not assume your friend is "physically" knowing what you want and need.

Responsibility to express your feelings and need each other. This will avoid conflict and emotional relationships in among you.

5. Accept your partner is. When the couple entered the honeymoon phase, they often feel satisfied with each other.

Continue to do romantic things with each other in any relationship, not only in the early stages. For example, make a "date night" once a week.

6. Be empathetic to your partner. Set aside for a moment and consider your plan to understand your partner's thoughts. Understanding and Validating your partner's feelings does not mean you have to agree with them. If this does not mean you have to submit to your own needs. Many times, feeling understood will mean more to your partner than to be right or win the battle.

7. Focus on what you like about your partner and what they've done it right, rather than about their mistakes.

8. Your lover back. People who love you back. You will not be involved with someone who will love you.

9. You do not feel you are walking on eggshells. If you have a strong feeling in your stomach, it is not love, but you try to get approval.

10. A healthy relationship will enhance self-esteem.

To obtain a harmonious relationship, each partner needs to expose themselves. A healthy relationship is when both partners feel safe to express their true self to the individual.

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