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Ethical Use of Mobile Phone

A passenger train drivers to send SMS and 22 seconds later the train collided with a freight train. As a result 25 people were killed including the driver and many are injured. These events actually happened in the United States on September 12, 2008. The results of this investigation showed the accident due to driver texting just before the accident. The driver could not brake the train. The use of mobile phones with no right can cause many problems. Therefore, how to use a mobile phone or cell phone etiquette?

Using Mobile Gratuitous Can Dangerous

Many cases of traffic accidents that occur because of someone using a cell phone or mobile phone when driving a vehicle. The concentration will be reduced when a person driving a vehicle while on the phone, especially when in high speed. That is why in many countries, the use of wireless phones while driving is prohibited and may be subject to criminal sanctions.

In Indonesia itself began to be socialized in the Traffic Act is the Act No. 22 of 2009 on Traffic. Inside are articles relating to the use of mobile phones, namely Article 106 paragraph 1 that "Every rider must run the vehicle with the concentration." The use of mobile phones can interfere with concentration and a factor in traffic accidents. That's why cell phone use while driving a vehicle may include a violation of the Act. Even according to research, motorists who talk on cell phones in the same vehicle lengahnya with people who are drunk.

In addition, the use of mobile phones in aircraft is also considered dangerous. The manual lists a variety of mobile devices instructions to turn off your mobile device on the plane because it can cause interference to aircraft navigation devices. In ITE Law Article 33 also lists a similar ban, which reads "Any person who knowingly and without authority or unlawfully take any action resulting disruption of the Electronic Systems and / or result in Electronic Systems to be not working properly."

Indiscriminate use of mobile phones can also cause various other problems. For example record that is not obscene scenes with camera phones and even send it to others. Then the image is easily sent back to others so that spread rapidly.

Ethics when using mobile phone

Phone or HP as a telecommunications device certainly has many benefits. This technology allows us to communicate with ease. In addition, today's mobile phones, such as smartphones have had many useful features. So the use mobile phone properly will have many positive benefits.

However, given the many negative impacts that can be caused by the use of cell phones, then how to avoid these effects while using a mobile phone? Here are some questions and practical suggestions that may apply when you use the phone.

When is the time to avoid using the phone?
If you talk with using mobile phones can interfere with other people-for example, in places of worship, movie theaters, classrooms, concert halls, and others-then avoid using mobile phones in places like that. You also can set your phone to silent mode so as not to disturb anyone. Even if necessary, just turn off your cell phone.

Is it necessary to speak loudly on the phone?
Avoid talking with the phone in a voice too loud, especially if you're in a public place (public area). This will attract the attention of the people on you and can cause problems for some people. In addition, the microphones in mobile phones capable of capturing even a soft voice, so no need to shout or speak loudly when using your mobile phone.

Private conversation on the phone, Shall?
Do not discuss personal terms with the use of mobile phones in places that no one else, for example when in a conference room, work space that is shared, or even in public places like on the bus, train, bus stops, and others. If you need to finish the conversation, talk briefly and call back as soon as you exit the room and continue the conversation was private.

Speaking of close personal affairs of others
If you're talking with a cell phone, keep a minimum distance of 3 meters with others so as not to hear your conversation. If you stand or be near other people, will make other people would not want to listen to your personal affairs.

Receiving a phone call while talking with other people
Avoid disturbing phone conversation is being done. Generally, when the phone rang, someone will say: "Sorry, I received a phone first." This lack of ethics and show respect for the other person who was dealing directly with you. However, in special cases, receive a phone call while talking with others can be done if absolutely necessary to receive a phone call. The same thing applies when you are typing an SMS. Avoid typing SMS while talking with others.

How much danger received a phone call or sending an SMS while driving?

Do not use the phone to talk while driving a vehicle let alone typing and sending an SMS. This is very dangerous. Because when you talk on the phone, you are equal lengahnya with a drunk. Especially if you're typing an SMS, then the level of vigilance you will be much reduced. The principle is the focus driving your vehicle while driving past a focus called when not driving.

Why must focus on the person you're talking on the phone?
When you are being the focus of talk using telecommunication devices like mobile phones, do that gives focus to the other person talks. Communication via phone done verbally rather than visually, so it needs your full attention when the other person to speak to avoid misunderstandings.

When is time to turn off the phone?
Turn off your cell phone while doing job interviews, presentations, meetings with directors, and several other places that require quiet and serene atmosphere. The use of mobile phones in aircraft is also prohibited to avoid disturbing the aircraft navigation devices. Use your observation, if you are in a situation that demands to turn off your cell phone.

Better Where: Phone or SMS?
If you are in a state of emergency or situation requiring rapid response, avoid using SMS to contact other people. Call as soon as possible, because the telephone conversation is more effective than sending text messages.

Taking photos with mobile phones, how the rules?
Do not take a picture or photograph another person with your phone without permission, because it is not polite and can make the person embarrassed.

Receive indecent pictures, what to do?
If you receive an obscene picture of someone else in your phone, do not go ahead and deploy the image to your colleagues the other.

Mobile phone or cell phone has become a telecommunications device that is very helpful. But do not use your cell phone with reckless that causes an accident or a nuisance to others. Use your mobile phone appropriately and with good ethics.

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