Kamis, 06 Januari 2011

Let's Cycling

Benefits of Cycling

The results obtained from cycling in particular will tighten as the lower calf muscles, thighs and hips. Cycling can burn calories by 300 to 700 calories per hour. So, it will be useful for you who want to lose weight. In addition, cycling can increase lung volume to 50% so that the oxygen that can fit more.

For obese people, cycling is a sport that is recommended for cycling are relatively safe compared to most sports that require running or jumping. Conflicts due to running or jumping can cause injury to the legs, waist, back for those who are obese because the excess weight makes impact even harder. Cycling is also good for those who have heart disease.

One reason for cycling to be an interesting exercise is that cycling may be one way of relaxation. Enjoying the scenery in a relaxed and merasakah wind gusts can be one means of recreation is refreshing. So you can physically fit plus the clarity of thought.

Buying Bike Tips

Interested to try cycling? For those of you who do not have a bike, the main step is to buy a bicycle to be used. There are various models of bikes in different sizes. In order to get a comfortable bike, consider the following things when choosing a bike that will be purchased:

* Saddle bike should be comfortable to sit and in sizes that fit.
* Choose a bike with saddle height is adjusted to your height. Saddle should not be too high because it will make it difficult when I had to pedal also can cause thigh into the wound. Saddle is too low also should be avoided because it makes the leg must bend too much and makes it feel sore. Although the bicycle saddle may be raised and lowered, but make sure that the maximum and minimum height according to your condition. Ideally tall bicycle saddle and handlebar height parallel.

Cycling Tips

In order to gain the maximum benefit and avoid injury, several things must be considered, namely:

* Make sure the important parts of the bike such as brakes and tires in a safe condition so it will not interfere with travel or cause accidents.
* To avoid risk of injury, do a little warming, especially to stretch the muscles of the bottom such as waist, thighs and calves.
* As an addition to safety when cycling, you can mengguunakan pelidung equipment such as helmets, shoes, socks, gloves, glasses or other necessary equipment.
* When I started riding a bike, do it first with slow speed for 5-10 minutes as a way to warm up and adjust with the bike.
* When riding a bike, keep your pedal one full turn.
* Speed is recommended for health is 27 km / h and the wheels 70 revolutions per minute (rpm)
* After cycling, do do cooling ride my bike slowly for about 10 minutes.

In addition to health, using a bicycle also can reduce air pollution due to vehicular use. Traffic fumes can create a contaminated environment. We recommend using a bike when you have to travel to a place that allows to reach by bicycle. In fact, there is also a community named "Bike to Work" using a bicycle to go to work every day.

Seeing the many positive results from cycling, it would not hurt to pedal your bike.

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