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Computers and Internet Threats

Computers are now a common thing. Every day, you may be associated with this object. Computers and the Internet has helped many of your work. Ease of finding information, perform various financial transactions, store or process data into something that is not too burdensome. But behind its simplicity, there are many threats that can destroy data or your computer either a PC or laptop.

When you find your computer is not working properly, such as computers slow, hangs, look for missing data, display annoying when you're working, you may conclude your computer a virus. Actually there are various threats that target when you work with computers and the Internet. These threats can damage data, computers, and even steal important data.

Pengancam security of not only the virus. Maybe there are some terms you've ever heard but still do not know what he meant. Here's an explanation of the things that can threaten your computer or take your important data.


This is a program that will display ads on the computer. Will interfere because adware generally will use the resources of the computer, as a result computer is running slow. There is also a type of adware that appear in pop-ups that can interfere when you're working.

Brute Force

An activity to break the password by combining numbers and letters in sequence. Very dangerous if with this technique, people who are not entitled to succeed to know your password and then misused. To overcome this problem, it's good password that is used not only consist of numbers and letters but also consists of symbols like $, #, &, and others.


Is a continuation of a Distributed Denial of Service, where a server or computer is attacked with bombarded shipment data in a very large size of many computers simultaneously. As a result the computer is difficult to access or damage to hardware not being able to accommodate very large data items.


That is an application that tries to find and attack the weaknesses of the system to gain access to or for the purpose of infecting the system or computer.

Fake Antivirus

The way it works is by making as if a computer virus and suggest to buy anti-virus to overcome the virus.


That is plain hoax spread through email or website. The effect is a panic or a lot of readers who were deceived. Another result is burdensome because of the Internet network of hoax chain messages are delivered to another person.


It is one threat that is dangerous. Keylogger will record the input is entered via the keyboard to be stored or sent to someone who normally used for purposes that are not good. This is in particular to watch out for when you enter the password in public places like cafes. Password that you entered via the keyboard can be known and may be used for purposes that are not good.

One way to avoid a keylogger is to use On Screen Keyboard now must enter the password. On Screen Keyboard can be run from the Windows programs that are on Programs | Accessories | Accessbility or by typing in "OSK" from Start | Run on Windows Operating System.


Usually found on the bootsector on the disk, then change the course of the first run. Systems that are usually affected first is the Operating System. Infections in Operating System makes it easier malware to spread themselves or spread the virus on storage media such as CD ROM or Flash Disk.


Is a form of fraud on the internet by making someone would provide important information that is not entitled to know. For example, by creating a website similar to a bank website. A victim does not realize he had been deceived and then enter the password that setealh known by the manufacturer can be used to deplete savings victim.


That is a program that aims to hide other programs running. Usually used to spread malware, virus, or keylogger.


Mean an unexpected email. Usually an email advertisement or a teaser for a person visiting a particular website which is actually a phishing or to disseminate malware. Messages can be sent in large quantities, so spend time to remove them.


Is a program that works to spy on users with the purpose of obtaining critical information such as credit card numbers, PINs or passwords that can harm the victim because the leaking of such information.


Acting as if he dalah good program that can be used to help users work. But, actually in it there are functions that endanger the overall system or to steal confidential information. Trojans easily spread to other computers.


Is malware that can multiply and then sends copies itself over a network without having a specific activity performed by users. The worm can be dangerous because it can become an entry point for viruses, malware or other destructive programs.

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