Sabtu, 01 November 2008

Soccer School Indonesia Arsenal

SSI Arsenal precisely in the southern city of Jakarta. Taking ISCI facilities Ciputat, in November 2007, SSI Arsenal have to accommodate about 250 students from ages U - 8 years up to U - 18 years.

For the eight training sessions, which once spent two hours training, memakang cost between Rp. 2.5 million up to Rp. 3.5 million. That means for all the students practice at least reached around Rp. 220,000.

Arsenal SSI itself emerges through Faith Arif idea to build a football school that uses an early age Arsenal network as one of the leading clubs. For that also, SSI Arsenal in cooperation under the Community Development Department Arsenal, and not the Commercial Department.

As a first step into the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal stadium pride, SSI Arsenal will be involved in football invitation that took place in London, England, July 2008. in following these invistasi, SSI Arsenal will engage players of all ages. In the invitation Reach Your Goal in Singapore, Team U - 12 year ranked third out of six teams, and, among other things, beating teams U - 12 in Japan 3 to 2

But the most unfortunate time, location of school soccear Arsenal Indonesia less strategic position of being not in an area that has talents like local talent Medan, Makassar, East Java, Papua ... .. But perhaps the future is expected to have the branches of Arsenal Indonesia soccear school in these areas, so that the diamonds in Indonesia that have not matured in refining the skin play a round .... Who knows emerged Henry from Makassar, Beckam from Medan, Christiano Ronaldo from East Java, and others is, who know there is captain Tsubasa too ... hahahaha

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