Minggu, 12 Oktober 2008

Rubbish much point

Therefore, the government needs to maneuver on a large scale in shaping the public mindset. The government needs to prioritize the movement of younger generations. This is because the younger generation are the ones who would lead the country. The formation of a good mindset also needs to be done at an early age because at an early age a person can easily absorb a teaching or further thoughts can continuously embedded in his mind.

Thus, governments need to create a new educational curriculum in which subjects about the environment should be included. Such as curriculum delivery will be reliable seeds are always concerned environmental sustainability. If the program is actually running, gradually mindset about the importance of taking out the trash already in place can be embedded in the minds of each student.

The government must not only formation of movement mangadakan public mindset is limited to younger generations. The government also needs to hold a variety of counseling on the importance of taking out the trash in place for all levels of society, both upper class people, middle-class society, as well as lower-class society. In addition, governments also need to install the banners that read about the importance of taking out the trash in place. These banners will be placed in strategic places, such as public transport, bus terminals, train stations, shopping centers, parking lots, recreational places, and places the other strategic.

However, we also need to remember that the people who have realized the importance of taking out the trash in its place though sometimes still do the things they should not do. Most people probably already know that taking out the garbage at any place is bad behavior. However, only a few of them actually do what they already know it.

The main thing that causes them to throw garbage at any place is not the place where they can dispose of garbage. Chronology of an activity in which people throw garbage at any place is very simple. First, those who intend to dispose of garbage to dispose of a place. However, they did not meet any of the trash around them. They do not know where they have to throw trash. Without further ado, they are forced to throw garbage at any place. Chronology is proved that the government is still not able to provide a trash can in large numbers.

The government should provide special funding to increase the amount of trash. Places where the garbage will be distributed to places of strategic, such as schools, shopping centers, bus terminals, railway stations, public transportation, and other places. Thus, each person will always throw their garbage in the places already available.

However, the government should not stop it at that. The government also needs to throw the officers of professional cleaning. Cleaning agents are required to obtain education and training in advance so that the janitors are not only duty is to clean up the rubbish that was scattered, but also has the right and obligation to take stern action against anyone who was caught throwing garbage at any place. Similarly, legislation on smoking restrictions made by the local government of Jakarta, the government also should give punishments or strict sanctions on those who are dumping garbage found in any place. Thus, the law also helped limit the public's behavior when they were about to throw away trash.

In addition, we all should realize that we dispose of waste is one of the energy chain for any materials located on this earth is a form of stored energy. We need to know that the energy stored in the form of such materials should be used as appropriate to support the needs of human life. So, we can not conclude that the trash is something that is not efficacious.

In fact, the rubbish we dispose of everyday have the power to the very useful because the garbage comes from the material on this earth. However, most of which we dispose of garbage has happened was a change in composition of chemical structures are different from the previous so much garbage is sometimes difficult to unravel and even damage the environment. Trash is usually shaped plastic. Trash is not allowed to be buried in the ground for trash will spoil the quality of the soil. Trash can not be burned because the smoke of the burning will cause air pollution.

We should think that garbage is not to throw away but should be used for anything useful. Trash that can decompose, such as leaves, stems rotting trees, animal waste and so forth can be used as fertilizer really high quality. Meanwhile, the waste can not decompose like plastic recycling should be done in order to be shaped into things more useful.

Therefore, the government requires a special budget to provide places of disposal that has been equipped with recycling facilities and adequate infrastructure. In addition, the government also needs to make a special study to determine which can decompose waste and garbage which can not decompose. Thus, the waste can be properly classified so it can be used as raw material to produce a product that is more useful for human life.

We should make the trash as the most important part of our lives because of all the material on earth has uses unique. In fact, trash is the only raw material in the largest and most important production activities that we never realized before.

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