Senin, 08 September 2008

J rocks trying Road Abbey

Gratitude incessantly ejected from the mouth of the personnel group J-Rocks. Rewards obtained in the arena Soundrenalin A Mild Live 2008: Free Your Voice, once chosen as the Best Band Who Can Their Voice Free, finally led them to taste the legendary recording studio Abbey Road in London, England.

On October 10 next, the four J-Rocks personnel, namely Iman (vocals), Sonny (guitar), Wima (bass), and Anton (drums), will fly to England to live in the studio that had used the legendary band The Beatles that .

"It's incredible pride. Being the only band that Indonesia would do in the studio that also has used the legendary group The Beatles, for we are quite encouraging," Faith said when met Compass Entertainment, after the speaker of the RCTI Studio 6, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Monday (8 / 9).

Abbey Road Studios, founded in November 1931 by EMI in London. Some famous artists had done in the studio recording. Call it, U2, Pink Floyd, Oasis, Green Day, Plácido Domingo, to the Spice Girls,

For J-Rocks, the way to Abbey Road Studios is the gateway to be able to go international. Do not want to waste that opportunity, they claim is currently preparing songs to be recorded.

So far, they already have five songs and all will be packed in a special edition mini-album menunju trip Abbey Road Studios. "At least do two songs, but we're preparing for more. For us, this is a rare opportunity that might present enggak twice. Therefore, as optimal as possible we will give the best," said the other three diamini Wima.

When disingggung about reporting restrictions on the country music Indonesia to Malaysia to Malaysia, J-Rocks regret it. "Music is the universal language and belong to all, music can enggak dikotak-boxing like that. But, most important is how we can be proud ambassadors on the international music industry and it is our goal ahead," added Anton.

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